Easily Root SM-9200 Galaxy S6 (Hong Kong variant)

Are you the owner of the SM-9200 Galaxy S6 version? We have not forgotten about you when it comes to the rooting aspect and here we are with a detailed guide for this model as well! Even though you want to start, we must discuss the pre-requisites for preparing your Android smartphone first!

So, you should take a backup of your precious data before you start rooting the Hong Kong variant of Samsung Galaxy S6 and by data we mean SMS, contacts, installed apps and everything else that you might want to use after the procedure ends. The process can be completed with the help of a computer, so you need to prepare it as well by temporarily deactivating the antivirus. Also verify if the USB Debugging option is enabled on your phone, so go to Settings – Developer Options – USB Debugging.

And if your Samsung Galaxy S6 is running low on battery, we suggest that you should charge it at least until the 60% mark. We have seen so many cases with handsets getting bricked when the battery runs out before the completion of the root process and we are sure that this is not what you want to happen to your Samsung smartphone as well!

Also keep in mind that rooting your SGS6 causes the warranty on it to be voided. However, this shouldn’t be a matter of concern as long as here we have another guide on how to restore it and like that no one will ever know about the unofficial procedure that has been performed. And do not use this guide on any other version as it is compatible only with the Hong Kong variant!

Now, that you know all the pre-installation requisites and the risks that such a procedure involves, you are ready to move on the actual installation process.

How to Root SM-9200 Galaxy S6 (Hong Kong variant):

  1. From this page, take the CF-Auto-Root file;
  2. On your computer also download and install Odin;
  3. Switch off the smartphone;
  4. Enter it in Download Mode by pressing Volume Down, Home and Power at the same time. When you see the warning sign, press the Volume up button (you can also use this guide in case of needing even more details);
  5. Connect your smartphone with the PC with the original USB cord;
  6. Launch Odin;
  7. Click on the PDA button;
  8. Select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file;
  9. Then, click on Start and the actual rooting will start on your Galaxy S6. It will take a few minutes to complete the rooting process and at the end, the PASS message will appear. This means that you have rooted Samsung Galaxy S6;
  10. Simply disconnect the Galaxy S6 device from the computer

If you encounter any problems, let us know and we’ll do our best to help you as soon as possible! The comments area is here, so feel free to use it any time.

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