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New Q&As Feature for Google Maps and search

Google has recently announced and started to roll out Questions & Answers, a business sourced Q&A product for local Knowledge Panels places listings. The Q&A feature might not be live for everyone at this point, but you will eventually be...


Learn to Share Directions from Google Maps

Android devices have made it extremely easy for us to get from one place to another without actually being familiar with the surroundings. A service like Google Maps, which is so popular and has hundreds of millions of users gives us...


How to Save Offline Areas in Google Maps

Step-by-step navigation, place searches and other advanced features once required your device to be online, but now things have changed. There are plenty of such apps that can be used offline as well and you know how handy this can...


Install Google Assistant on LG V10

When Google Allo made its appearance, people were most impressed – not by the messaging platform’s features, but by the Google Assistant companion that come along with it. We all know the fact that Google Assistant is a core element...