HTC Butterfly 2 To Be Launched in Taiwan Starting at $700

As some of you might know, HTC is launching the Butterfly 2 in its home country, Taiwan in no more than a few hours. According to Focus Taiwan, HTC North Asia president Jack Tong made it clear that they are expecting “brisk sales” of the new Butterfly, especially given the fact that prices for the Butterfly 2 start at around $700. And don’t forge tthat the handset will be released in other Asian markets in the near future as well.

Availability of HTC Butterfly 2

HTC has already mentioned a list that includes countries such as India, , Singapore, MalaysiaThailand, or Hong Kong and we are sure that there are big chances to see it getting bigger and bigger. Even more, Butterfly 2 is already available in Japan where it has been presented as Butterfly J (being a KDDI-exclusive), but we are talking about the very same phone in both cases, you can be sure of that!

However, we still don’t know for sure when or if HTC Butterfly 2 will be launched in North America or Europe, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out something new.

What about its specs and design?

Butterfly 2: Specs as Good as the ones of One M8

Well, we must tell you from the very beginning that HTC Butterfly 2 sports a very similar design to the previous Butterfly versions, so we aren’t surprised by that. The best part comes from the fact that this Butterfly 2 comes with specs that are as good as the ones found on the popular One M8, even bumping up the main camera to 13-megapixels and featuring the dual-camera system.

So, HTC Butterfly 2 looks a lot like the older Butterfly S when it comes to its size and design, still having the polycarbonate plastic body of its processor. And just like HTC One M8, the Butterfly S model has front-facing BoomSound speakers, though HTC has made a few changes. Butterfly 2’s face is mostly made of glass, so manufacturers have decided to cut out small ports on both ends to make way for the speakers.

The 5-inch screen has a Full HD resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels), being sharp and bright, while the power is provided by a 2.3 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage (expandable internal memory, of course).

Regarding its OS, Butterfly 2 comes running on HTC’s Sense 6 UI on top of Android 4.4 KitKat, also having the usual BlinkFeed and Motion Launch features that we are all currently enjoying on HTC M8. In these conditions, feel free to double-tap to turn on the handset, hold the phone sideways and press the volume button to quickly turn on the camera and no, the list doesn’t stop here. You can do many other things by using these features, but we are letting you to find them!

Even more, don’t forget that Butterfly 2 has two cameras on the back. Its main camera has a 13-megapixel sensor, so things look better than in the case of that controversial 4-megapixel “Ultrapixel” shooter of the M8 and we still have a dual-camera system lets, so you can actually do all the things that HTC One M8 are offering. Yes, the second camera that we have told you about acts as a depth sensor, recording the distance from the lens of everything in shot, so enjoy it!

The smartphone is water-resistant (IP57-certified), while the battery of the new Butterfly is a 2700 mAh one – even larger than the 2600 mAh unit found on HTC One M8. So, have you found your future handset? Could it be HTC’s Butterfly 2?

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