Discover Galaxy Note 9 S Pen Excellent Recharge System

Samsung’s Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines have converged a lot over the past three years, to the point where very little differentiates these lines. However, the major feature of the Note line is the S Pen, which really has no competition in the market, especially that Bluetooth LE radio is now onboard, with which the S Pen can remotely communicate with the phone. You can move up to no less than 30 feet away, and the two will still be connected, yet the extra functionality means that the new S Pen drains even more power. What can you do about that?

Well, the S Pen can still be used without Bluetooth connectivity, such as when the phone is in airplane mode, but what’s the point of having such a great functionality and wasting it by pretending that it’s not there, for the sake of battery?

Having another thing to keep charged could’ve turned into a real headache, so Samsung decided to make it as simple as possible for the Note 9’s S Pen and come up with clever solution to what you have already anticipated as a problem. After all, as an user spending good books for such a device, you should never have to think about managing battery life on the pen.

That is exactly what you are getting since the S Pen comes with an excellent recharge system; to be more precise, by using supercapacitors, the S Pen can recharge in the phone in just under a minute. Yes, it recharges whenever it’s in the silo, sipping power from the smartphone’s 4,000 mAh battery and providing enough power for 30 minutes of use or clicking the stylus’s button up to 200 times. And even better, the Note 9 will alert you when the stylus’ battery is getting low, starting at 15 percent with reminders as the battery continues to drop. Then, it only takes 40 seconds of the S Pen back inside the Note 9 to fully charge the pen and save the day.

Such situations are ideal for those times when you are using the stylus as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations or for slideshows. And if you did not know about that, it work as a regular stylus even when the pen dies, too and you at least know it now, for all next opportunities that I am sure will come up.

With more and more Note 9 new users out there, what do you want to get from the S Pen? Let me and the other readers know in the comments!

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