Mid-range JB 4.3 based HTC Zara Rumored

After some new smartphones released by HTC, like One and One Mini and the Max which is on the way, but most probably will be released in September if we choose to listen the rumors. In the same period, Samsung is expected to launch Galaxy Note 3. On the other hand, we have no clear information about the real name of the new and upcoming HTC Zara, maybe it is the name or maybe not, but it is thought to be another release for the end of this year. Chine times, disclosed a bit of the mystery and it was an article mentioning the release of the new HTC handset, HTC Zara. I was thinking if the rumor becomes truth what would it be the price for such a device? What about specs? There aren’t so many hints, so smells like waiting.

Our source points out that the HTC Zara will be realized by a material which makes us a bit curious, why plastic? Having no clue about the specs of the new HTC Zara, we can only wonder how it’s made, when it will come, how it will look like and what features it will bring along. Another rumor says that HTC One Max will be also a future HTC release. Speaking about the Taiwanese company , they seem to try being competitive on a wider scale and be able to produce smartphones for lower costs and conquer new markets. Furthermore, the development of “innovative new HTC products and global distribution strategies”, are expected to strike the competition. This can be the reason why they thought of using a material as plastic, because the phone can be high performance in a body which can look pretty nice but not such a resistant one.

HTC Zara

HTC Zara

Having all the information put together we can probably made a good choice at the right moment.

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