Enjoy Okay? on your Android Device

Have you ever heard of a game known as Okay? Yes, that’s the exact name of this game that I want to tell you more about and it really has a question mark in it. Would you like to play an interesting and unique physics and puzzle game? You need to download Okay? on your Android device and give it a try.

The idea behind this game is not at all a complicated one. Quite the opposite, you have some blocks of two colors – black and white and a single ball. Now, you have to use the ball the clear out all the white blocks in a single shot. However, it has many shapes so once you hit the parts it will bounce back to hit another parts.

The black blocks reflect the ball so the ball keeps moving until all the white blocks are cleared or it touches the edges of the screen. Things will later complicate and in some of those 120 levels you might even think that there is no way out. As levels progress, new elements will appear: I am talking about black shapes that act as rubber walls, allowing the ball to bounce while they stay put; lines can be passed through, but will also disappear when the ball touches them and much more than that.

What makes it addictive for me is that it seems to simple to play, but you end up being surprised and besides that, this Okay? game is a minimalist puzzle approach that puts your support ideologies to the test. What if you had the option to pay money or play for free, with no change in the content? Would you still pay?

The developers let you decide if the game is worth paying for. If it is, you choose what you want to pay, and if you don’t want to buy it, you can still play it just the same!

To put it more precisely, you pay only if you want and the amount is not fixed. If you think the game is worth $10, then pay $10; if you think the game is worth $0.99, just pay $0.99. If you think the game is not worth your money, don’t pay anything and keep playing it like that. However, I can assure you that the game is definitely worth paying for!

Take it from here right away and see if I am right or not.

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