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Google made a flurry of announcements at Google I/O 2016 and Google Allo is one of them. The messaging app that I am telling you about seems to be ready to directly compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, as well as iMessage. I don’t necessary have to tell you that it is better, but I launch the invitation of discovering that on your own.

You probably know that privacy is a main concern in any chat or messaging app, so this is why I am here to tell you all about the app’s Incognito Mode. While Google Allo does not have end-to-end encryption enabled by default for all messages, let me assure you that it offers end-to-end encryption if you make the necessary changes, as well as an interesting way to keep your chat messages private and secure from prying eyes.

All you need to do for a private chat is to start a chat in the Incognito Mode with the help of these steps here described:

How to start a chat in the Incognito Mode:

  1. I assume that you have already downloaded Google Allo from Google Play; if you haven’t, then here‘s the direct link for doing that now;
  2. Then, while being in the app, you have to tap the New Chat icon;
  3. Select the Start incognito chat option;
  4. Now tap the contact name from the list of people you want to start a chat with;
  5. Like that, the chat content won’t show in the Allow conversation list. Moreover, the name of the sender or the message content will not appear in the Notifications and if you want, you can even mute the notification tone for the incognito chat;
  6. Incognito mode also gives you the possibility to set an expiry time for the chat messages. This practically means that you can choose after how much time your messages should disappear: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, or never if you don’t have such a thing in mind. For the sender, the timer starts right after the message is sent, but for the receiver, it starts as soon as the message is read. You can set the message expiry timer in Incognito mode simply by tapping the Timer icon that can be found on the top right corner of the screen.

And this is only the beginning of getting to know Google Allo, so stay tuned for more!

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