Delete an Allo Conversation, a Specific Message or the Chat History

Google Allo is rolling out around the world slowly and it has already made quite a pleasant impression to those who have already tried it on! What could a messaging app offer us? Just when you thought that you have it all, be prepared for an app that gives you a personal Google Assistant, that lets you express yourself much better than before with stickers, doodles, and special emojis & text and not only. This is just the beginning and that is why more and more people vote in Allo’s favor!

The excitement of trying out the Google’s new messenger app has increased after the Duo launch and let me share with you something special that I have just discovered about it. Allo has a special Incognito mode which transform privacy into a top priority. With this mode you can easily send messages with end-to-end encryption, use private notifications to keep your chats discreet, and control how long your messages stick around after being send, but sometimes this is not enough.

Maybe you haven’t used this mode in time and now you want to delete an Allo conversation, a certain message or the entire chat history to be more comfortable. I totally get you! We are humans and we make mistakes beyond repair. Some things should never be said and their simple existence, somewhere written gives you a chilly feeling that things are not as they are supposed to be at all.

Here’s what you have to do to solve the problem:

How to Delete a Conversation:

  1. For the start, just open the Allo app;
  2. Go to the conversation that you have in mind;
  3. Up next, just tap and hold the conversation you want to delete;
  4. At the end, you must only tap the Delete option.

How to Delete a Specific Message inside a conversation:

  1. Open Allo;
  2. Tap the conversation in cause;
  3. Do you see the message that you want gone for good? Press and hold it right away;
  4. A menu will appear at the top of the screen;
  5. Tap the Delete icon.

How to delete the entire Chat History:

  1. Once again, you have to open Allo;
  2. Then, open the target conversation;
  3. Up next, you have to tap the contact profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  4. At the end, just Clear history and you are good to go.

Do you see how easy it was? And you have to keep on exploring for the best results!

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