View multiple instances of the same Android app with Parallel Windows

Android Nougat is here and it’s definitely one of a kind. I have to tell you from the start the fact that it might not have the same dramatic visual overhaul we were used to get in Android Lollipop, but who says that this is what we would have wanted? On the contrary, Nougat comes with major refinements over Marshmallow, so the sooner you discover these changes, the better it can be for you.

For example, Google Android 7.0 introduces multi-window support, allowing you to see two or more apps on a screen at once. But what if you want to see the very same app twice? Is there such a thing even possible? There is an app known as Parallel Windows for Nougat that lets you do exactly what you have in mind.

Let me tell you right from the start the fact that this free Android app allows you to open two instances of the same app and view them in split-screen mode on a phone. You can also view more than two instances of an app on tablets, as well as on any other devices with larger screens.

As you know, in normal conditions, Android only permits one copy of an app in split-screen. Parallel Windows changes things and includes some sort of a “mirror” option to solve that limitation. All the app’s features are accessible from a floating panel that can be opened with a swipe. In order to mirror an app, just open the panel and tap on the app you want to copy to the other half of the screen.

This will work, but keep in mind that Parallel Windows for Nougat is still in the experimental phase and as you might expect, bugs are not of the question at this point. Even more, not all apps behave properly when mirrored. Apps that don’t support multi-window in the first place are more likely to be busted; they often end up showing the same data as the mirrored copy when you return focus, but apps that have been updated for Nougat are though much more stable.

Even if you’re not mirroring, this also gets you an onscreen shortcut to toggle split-screen and you must take in consideration the fact that the floating manager is so neat. It has an app drawer, making it faster to find apps to add to split-screen.

Download the Parallel Windows for Nougat from this direct widget link and try your luck with different apps in Split Screen mode.

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