Musixmatch is More than a simple Lyrics App

We all know the fact that Musixmatch is the world’s largest collection of song lyrics used by millions of people to get instant synchronised lyrics for Youtube, Spotify, Pandora and not only, but are you also aware of the fact that this is much more than a simple lyrics app for Android? I have been surprised to discover Musixmatch music recognition feature and that is why I decided to present you everything what it has to offer to those who decide to give it a try.

Musixmatch surely has some interesting features to look upon and the list is longer than you might be first imagining. As I have told you from the start, this lets you enjoy song lyrics with music from Spotify, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Google Play Music and all your other favourite streaming services, but do you know that you can tap on the real- time notification to display the Floating Lyrics widget and get the current track’s lyrics?

Search for your favourite song by title, artist and even just using a single line of the lyrics and even more, fell free to learn new languages by displaying the translation of the lyrics, in time with music.

Get notified instantly when new lyrics from your favorite artists are available and if you don’t like to keep things to yourself, then feel free to share your favourite song lyrics on amazing backgrounds with the LyricsCard feature or join the Musixmatch Android Community so you can submit all your favourite lyrics, put them in time with music and even have fun translating them.

And you have to try the music recognition feature if some lyrics don’t let you sleep at late hours of night – I am sure that I am not the only one in this position!

Musixmatch is also available on your Android Wear devices, not to mention that you can enjoy Musixmatch at home casting local music and lyrics to your TV with Chromecast, so this app is indeed one of a kind. You have to try it on too, so use this link o download it right away!

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