How to Adjust the Screen Timeout on LG V30

Running applications on an Android phone is notorious for using up battery power. However, leaving the screen display affects the battery more than you can imagine. In fact, even if you don’t like to admit it, one of the largest drains on your smartphone battery is the display. The longer it is lit up, the quicker you’ll notice your battery drain.

By default, the LG V30 display will go black after no less than 30 seconds. If you find your screen goes dark way too fast, you might want to look into settings and make the phone display on and bright for a longer time. Even more, if you want to leave your phone on, but want to save power, here is how to adjust the screen timeout on your LG V30.

You can adjust the screen timeout settings to better serve your needs, so waste no more time:

How to Adjust the Screen Timeout on LG V30:

  • From a Home screen, you have to navigate into Settings;
  • You must now search for the Display Option;
  • Up next, select how much time your phone will wait before activating the Screen Timeout. It can be from 30 seconds, which is the default time, to 5 minutes or more until your phone automatically turns the screen off; so, you must choose the time limit you want:
  1. 15 seconds
  2. 30 seconds
  3. 1 minute
  4. 2 minutes
  5. 5 minutes
  6. 10 minutes
  7. Never turn off.
  • Once everything is done, the screen timeout will be activated at that particular timeframe; just remember that more battery power will be used on longer timeouts or if you select “never turn off”;
  • You may also choose to activate the Smart Stay feature which can be found on the same page. This practically enables your smartphone to activate display On or Off based on your eye recognition. It works via the front sensors of your phone’s camera which automatically detects when the owner looks away, hence dimming the display. When you look back at your handset’s screen, it’ll automatically open it.

Still unconvinced by that? Give it a try right now! Like that, you should be able to better maximize the LG V30 battery life without too many compromises.

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