FOTO Gallery has an incredibly Simple Design and some Powerful Functionality

Smartphones aren’t just the devices on which we take most of our pictures these days — they’re what we use to view them too. The default gallery app doesn’t always make this an ideal experience, but fortunately the Play Store is well stocked with options. Finding the best gallery app can be a hassle. There are so many options out there and only a few of them are truly good!

That is why today I want to introduce you to a new gallery app that managed to catch my eye. I am talking about FOTO Gallery which is simple, yet very advanced and full of features. Isn’t this the key to success? You know it better than me!

FOTO Gallery has an incredibly simple design and some powerful functionality, not to mention the fact that it boasts the ability to organize thousands of your photos quickly using its sorting feature. You can also individually tag photos, customize albums, and it has Chromecast support, something that we are all looking for these days.

The super fast loading is a major advantage, just as the fact that you can also hide private albums or that you can easily recover photos deleted by accident (yes, there is a special trash folder that shows you that it’s ok to make a mistake or that accidents tend to happen all the time).

Is this what you need? Let me tell you that I have both good and bad news. The good news is this gallery app is free to download; the bad news is not all features are available without paying into the premium package. FOTO Gallery has a pro version which is available for $4.99 via in-app purchases, but as always, you are the one who has to choose! However, before deciding, let me assure you that the app boasts a no-ads experience, even on the free version which I personally find it great (and this was the main trigger for paying for the full version, to be honest).

I say the app is totally worth it, so I am using it for a while. Are you willing to do the same thing? Grab FOTO Gallery from here.

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