Crunch Gallery is Ideal for Picture and Video Compression

You are not always doing what you are claiming; you are far from intuitive and your features are limited! We’re looking at you, stock Gallery apps on Android. The good part is that here are various gallery apps that address these issues as they come with intuitive interfaces and are helpful in every way conceivable, from deleting unwanted photos to setting up albums and even removing the duplicates that cause so much trouble.

What about picture and video compression features? Do you need such an app as well? Then, I have only one name for you: Crunch Gallery.

Crunch Gallery is less about organization, as it happens in other similar apps and more about doing your job with a limited device memory by offering picture and video compression tools that can shrink the space taken up by photos and videos by up to 80 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

You have to know from the start that unlike other apps, Crunch Gallery doesn’t compromise quality in any way. By using it, instead of deleting those files that no longer have a space on your Android device, you can just reduce their size. Like that, you can get the most out of your internal storage before spending money to upgrade, you can choose to share photos and videos faster without compromising on quality, save on your data plan with smaller photos and videos and even automatically backup your original photos on the Cloud in case you need them.

All you must do is to choose which photos you want to compress, and Crunch will take care of all things for you. Crunch takes an interesting monetization route, tracking how much space you save through compression. The first 1GB of compression is indeed free, and each time you share the app over Twitter or Facebook, you gain an additional 250MB of compression budget.

If this is not enough for you, then you can unlock unlimited compression with a $4.99 in-app purchase. What do you think about that?

Crunch Gallery is waiting for its users right here, on Google Play. Are you one of all them too? It depends only on you!

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