Work harder with Productivity Challenge Timer

Aren’t you motivated to work lately? Do you need some help when it comes to finishing your tasks? Let me tell you more about an app known as Productivity Challenge Timer which does everything a timer should do, helping you be more productive, more focused, while also constantly making fun of you for being lazy. That’s a new approach and I must admit that I personally love it! You can actually work harder with Productivity Challenge Timer and that’s why you should find out more about it.

If you like it when your apps have some personality and stand out from the crowd, if simplicity is not your thing, Productivity Challenge Timer will be!

However, let me be clear about the fact that this is not an organizer. If you can’t keep track of what you’re supposed to be doing, this app will be no good. The app includes tracking of projects so you know how much time you spent working, but this doesn’t have to mean that you can see it as a to-do list.

And to be clear from the start, the purpose of this app is not to promote a healthy work-life balance, but to get you work harder. Even if you love long and repeating breaks, they might turn into a thing on the past.

It is impossible not to notice Productivity Challenge Timer’s impossible-to-ignore sound effects and constant mocking of your laziness. If a simple app that shows you the problem is not enough, than one such as Productivity Challenge Timer will definitely motivate you more than other apps do, not to mention its ranking system. Slack off and you might lose a rank, which really makes you want to gain it back.

And in case of wanting to use the app with the screen off, just make sure it’s been exempted from any battery saving apps/features your device may be using.

Download the app from here.

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