Find out More about Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder

Here I am with a fresh invitation for those willing to find out more about Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder. Why should you take Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder into your Android device? Well, I can tell you from the start that this app allows you to record, pin notes, search speech, as well as share minutes in order to digitize your meetings at every level.

I like the idea that now it’s time to forget all about typing down notes and that with such an app, you can basically focus on the important things in class or meetings. You can flag important moments to create highlights in realtime, add notes to highlights, tag as actions or decisions, upload to cloud (free storage), search through speech, playback highlights to add detailed notes, share recordings & highlight, enjoy high quality audio processing and much, much more!

And I should also tell you something right from the start: I get your worries since this is an unreleased app, yet I can assure you that the usual crashing issues are out of discussion this time. The app is very stable, it works flawlessly and as I have seen, it is actually fully functional app even at this stage.

Take a closer look if you don’t believe me:

Find out More about Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder:

  1. Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder waits for you right here;
  2. After that, you have to install it into your device;
  3. When you first launch the app, it requires you to Sign in using your Account or create a new one;
  4. Then, you must simply tap on the Record button, and it will start recording the audio;
  5. While doing so, feel free to tap on the highlight button to highlight a segment of the recording and add quick notes for reference;
  6. As I have told you from the start, the recordings can be played back at a later time where you can edit the highlights and notes attached to them and this is only the beginning.

Enjoy and let me know if you are aware of any other similar app that works with no issues!

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