Google adds Auto White Balance to its Photos App

Have you heard the fact that Google Photos is getting a tweak that can automatically adjust the white balance on your photos? Yes, Google’s Photos app is getting better and better and despite of the fact that the main function of Google Photos is storage, the app’s automatic photo editing features are getting their share of new too. In this case, that means auto white balance.

Thanks to the Google Pixel, I have become a faithful user of Google Photos, and I have always been thrilled about the fact that it has the same adjustments available not only on my Android device, but also in its web version. That’s not something that you can find that easily!

When it comes to the new Auto White Balance added by Google to its Photos App, I was a bit skeptical at first. This isn’t a camera feature, but I am talking about an editing feature and you will see that it’s actually pretty useful.

When your photos get backed up to the Google Photos app on Android, and you go to select the “auto” filter, Google will automatically adjust the white balance of the shot in addition to the exposure and saturation. Well, all those yellowish indoor shots are now a part of the past and even if it isn’t a huge update, it should make your smartphone snapshots look much nicer.

However, notice that this is ideal for indoor photos that tend to get bring along the weird yellow tinge of light bulbs, but I have seen that even outdoor street lights can cause such issues. The new auto white balance feature should be tried on those ones too, just to get an idea of what I am talking about.

To check it out for yourself, don’t hesitate to update your Android app as soon as possible. And if you want to always stay updated, check on us later! We are always working on giving you the best in terms of Android guides, tips and not only!

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