Hurry – Countdown for Birthday/Concert is Ideal for your Upcoming Events

Are you thinking of your next big party, holiday or an upcoming concert? Hurry- Countdown for Birthday/Concert will keep you pumped with optional notifications/widgets and even new gifs. The app basically helps you keep track of what matters, so it is ideal for your upcoming special events.

I am sure of the fact that not everyone is looking for such an app, yet you have no idea how useful it can really be. Hurry has an intuitive and colorful interface, an unexpected number of extra little features, that make the difference when you expect the less and that’s why I have decided to tell you more about it.

Just as all the other apps developed by Sam Ruston, this one also has a minimalistic design and it is different from all the other apps that can be found on the Google Play Store. The idea is pretty simple: once you add an event in the app, there will be a countdown for the event inside the app and we will get notified whenever the event is about to start.

In order to add an event, you must click on the + icon that is placed at the bottom of the screen. You will then be directed to a section where you will be able to add the event for setting the countdown – you can name the event and set the date and time for when the event is scheduled other than what the event actually is, you can select photos from the internet or your own photos and then, the app will prompt to select the date of the event and the time of the event from the Date and Time selector.

Apart from these, Hurry contains all sizes of widgets with variations to suit your home screen. It even includes an option for watching the seconds waste away as your big day approaches or you can choose not to keep all to yourself, but to share the event with your friends and other family members.

The whole package combines together unexpectedly and your excitement remains high all the time with Hurry – Countdown for Birthday/Concert.

Just go to your Play Store and search for the app. Or go directly to this link and you should be able to install it to your phone from there.

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