Meet Hopper and its New Fair Bear Special Feature

Do you like to keep an eye out for helpful recommendations about which flight filters will save you the most time and money? Meet Hopper, a special app for all kinds of personalized flight details; well, believe it or not, Hopper is like your personal all-knowing travel agent that will help you save up to 40% on our next flight by predicting the future cheapest price! And the fact that the app received a major update that breaks down all the airlines confusing additional fees so you aren’t surprised by anything when you actually get on a flight is the best thing that I could get!

Hopper’s main appeal is finding the cheapest ticket of the moment, so being in a long distance relationship or traveling a lot for work isn’t a burden any longer. It happened more than once to get an alert when there was a flash drop in price with major airlines for international travels. I booked right away and the next day, the very same ticket was hundreds of dollars more. What more could I be asking for?

However, one big disadvantage with those cheap tickets is giving by the fees. Some airlines charge for checked bags, or the price you get when you look for tickets isn’t the actual cost to fly. So, Hopper will help you figure that out with its new “Fair Bear”.

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Now, when you’re booking a flight on Hopper, you’ll also see the Fair Bear in the flight details. Fair Bear will give you an overview of all the important stuff in the fine print. It will let you know about policies and other fees related to cancellations, changes, baggage, and seat selection, so you will avoid all those unpleasant surprises right from the start!

The update is available on Android right now, so don’t waste any more time. I think this is a great app to keep an eye on flight prices and also find out all that you need about the fees. Like that, just as the developers themselves claim, you can finally gain the confidence of knowing you’ve found the best plane tickets on the airlines you like!

Take Hopper for free by accessing this direct Google Play link. Enjoy!

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