Instantly Identify Music with TrackID

Haven’t you heard of TrackID? This app can instantly identify music and I must tell you the fact that I love that it uses a dead-simple interface and a clean new design that makes everything so simple. To be more precise, you can actually find a song within seconds with the press of a button and then, your history is easily accessible on the start page, not to mention the amazing offline mode which can help you capture tracks when you have no network. However, you must resume the search when your Internet connection is restored, but this should be no problem.

The app supports more than 60 languages and allows exploring artists biographies and a few sneak peeks to ear-catching tunes.
The songs can be easily added to Spotify’s playlist, as well as downloaded or watched on Youtube, not to mention that with TrackID sharing is allowed on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Do you like the idea of being a part of a community? Are you constantly wondering what have other people searched for? Discover the hottest global hits with TrackID Charts from all over the world and enjoy the unique feature known as Live map which shows you real-time tags from people around the world, with the option to listen to a few seconds of each song as it comes in. This is a great way to see what people around the world are listening to.

Even if this app offers a similar suite of features to the others from the same category: a very simple main screen with a big button for identification or all currently popular tracks included and more, some features like the hands-free mode are still lacking from this point and you won’t find direct links to music, videos or lyrics. Instead, the app sends you to YouTube or AZLyrics search to find them. This keeps the app from feeling bloated, so those who like to keep it simple, should give TrackID a try.

And keep in mind that this application uses analytics software to collect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this app and its services. However, even you might not first like the sound of it, notice that none of this data can be used to identify you, so your private data is safe.

This app shows no sign of lag, you already know its features, so don’t waste any more time and take it from here.

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