Get the Best Out of Samsung’s SoundAssistant App

Samsung has an app known as SoundAssistant that you should know more about. The app provides more control over your device’s audio thanks to its 150 steps of volume adjustment, a floating EQ, mono and stereo balancing, not to mention the possibility to set individual volumes for different apps. You can definitely get the Best Out of Samsung’s SoundAssistant App, so don’t hesitate to keep on reading.

The very same SoundAssistant can alter the hardware volume keys so that they default to media volume control rather than call volume. Normally, these keys switch to control whatever sound is playing at the time, but this doesn’t always adjust the desired setting, so don’t say that I have not warned you.

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However, if you own a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, SoundAssistant can even let you set different outputs for various apps, such as using a Bluetooth speaker for Spotify and the phone’s speaker for your favorite games. As for that special feature called Scenarios, this can be used to configure volume levels and vibration modes for specific days, as well as time periods. This is great since it basically eliminates the hassle for users to manually change the sound profile on the device for a recurring event, such as a weekly meeting or a daily lecture.

Do you find all these as being useful too? Samsung’s SoundAssistant app is available from the Google Play Store as we are speaking. However, it’s only compatible with the company’s Galaxy smartphones, so make no confusion at this chapter.

Samsung’s SoundAssistant App can be grabbed from here.

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