Learn English with English for Kids Free Game

There are various educational apps on Google Play, but locating the best ones is more difficult than you might first think. Some are tailored for high-school students, some for soon-to-be college graduates, and others are perfect for those at the beginning of the educational road.
Despite of that, English is essential in every contemporary society at every stage. Your kids will probably have to learn English at some point in their lives, so it’s always better to do that sooner than later.

This app known as English for Kids Free Game will surely help you. This language game is especially designed to make preschool words learning easy for preschool kids. If you want your little kid to know the concepts of alphabets, this English game has various alphabet games that can turn into a handy tool for those who need inspiration.

Choose a category and a game mode and help your kid learn the most widespread language in the world. The application will offer written, optical, as well as voice feedback in order to help your kid learn what is what and who is who. I am talking about ABC animals Games, as well as ABC English Games, puzzles, Find The Correct Image challenges, or quizzes as kids always love to drag alphabets and place them in right order to make words.

Apart from the fact that you will have to help your kid as he or she cannot use the app on his/her own, there is though a drawback that you should know about from the start. I have noticed that the pronunciation of some words is wrong, so you should better correct it in order to avoid any later confusions.

English for Kids Free Game can be taken from here right away and downloaded on your Android handset.

You know that Google Play provided immediate access to apps that meets your needs when it comes to education, so keep on looking for similar apps. And you can also learn a new language with the help of various apps such as:

  • Learn a New Language with Android Livemocha, a special language learning program, packed with native speakers, as well as lessons in no less than 38 languages;
  • Learn a New Language with Android Babylon, an online translator app for more than 75 languages available in two versions – Babylon Translator and Babylon Touch;
  • How to Learn Foreign Language Vocabulary with Andoid Memrise, a flashcard-style program which provides useful memory tricks, pictures, videos and more tools to make learning a new language easier than you might be first expecting;
  • You can also Practice your Language Skills with Android Busuu which offers lessons on how to read and write one of 12 languages it includes in the package, along with interaction with native speakers – this is something interesting, don’t you think?;
  • Enjoy AnkiDroid Flashcards, the Best Android Language Learning App that comes as a flashcard style program as it is focused on memorization too;
  • Make Language Learning Fun and Easy with Android Instreamia which shows you that you can learn by watching videos, listening to music, reading articles, as well as interacting with other users all over the world.

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