Learn to Purchase Gifts from the Android Market

I run of gift ideas – I have heard this sentence at least four times this week and I bet that many of you are in the very same situation. Christmas is coming, wheatear you are prepared or not, so I bet that you must be looking for that perfect inexpensive gift for your loved ones. Here I want to propose an idea that will delight everyone!

Don’t you tell me that you have never thought of purchasing gifts for your friends and family straight from the Android market. The procedure is rather simple and believe it or not, it can save you from so much trouble. Do you also want to give a gift that is going to stand out and actually be used?

Yes, you have the chance to send gifts directly from the PlayStore, but I must tell you right from the start that this special feature is only available for people who currently live in the US. If this isn’t a problem, you can gift an app by following the steps from this procedure:

  • Open the Google PlayStore;
  • Now, you must tap on the Menu icon – this icon can usually be found on the upper left corner;
  • Tap on Send Gift;
  • Then, just follow the onscreen instructions.

Those of you who don’t live in the US are not left outside, but on the contrary, Google Play Gift Cards are now available in many countries of the world. All you have to do is to purchase the Google Play card from a store near you and give it to your friends or family. If this is too much for you and the distance is a problem, then choose the option to email the code to anyone you want after you open the gift card yourself.

If you also like the idea, enter here to find purchase points for Google Gift Cards near you and if your location is nowhere near such a purchase point, then Amazon got you covered. I am saying that as long as Amazon has its own app store and there you can find the most popular Android applications that you have in mind for you or for someone that you love. To be more precise, Amazon gives you the chance to actually send gift cards via email.

  • For that to be possible, you have to download Amazon Underground from here – this is the Amazon app store and enable Unknown sources or else the procedure cannot be completed;
  • Transfer the apk file to your smartphone;
  • Install it;
  • Then, nothing stops you from immediately accessing Amazon Underground;
  • Then, you can tap on the menu icon;
  • Up next, tap on the option that says Gift Cards and Registry;
  • Don’t hesitate to register with your Amazon account and choose the most convenient payment method;
  • Up next, don’t hesitate to tap on Gift Cards;
  • Hit the Send an eGift Card option;
  • Now, you must select the amount that you wish to give, the method of delivery (email or text message), as well as the exact date that you want to send the gift card;

The person that will receive the gift card has two options now: he or she can choose to redeem it for an Android app or for a different product from Amazon. Isn’t this the perfect surprise?

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