How to be Updated about new and upcoming episodes with Series Addict

If you are serious about your favorite TV shows and if you enjoy watching them, then Series Addict is the best choice for you. Using this application gives you the info that you are looking for. Long story short, Series Addict is an amazing Android app which comes with a great interface with smooth navigation and makes keeping track of shows easier than you might imagine.

Let me tell you from the start the fact that the app sports a modern Android look. It manages to conform to the Android design that we all love, the Material Design guidelines to be more precise, and Series Addict successfully keeps you up to date about new and upcoming episodes.

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To avoid any confusions, don’t hesitate to mark all the episodes as watched when you watch them, get notified when episodes air, view TV schedules of your favorite shows, add home screen widgets to remain up to date about new episodes all the time with Series Addict. And have I told you that the app gives you the opportunity to view your TV schedule in a nice calendar interface? I think that there is no better approach then this one and users all over the world seem to think the same thing.

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However, since the app doesn’t create an account, keep in mind that your data is not synced online. In other words, make sure you take a backup of all the shows you have added to your memory card from the app settings and avoid any later unpleasant surprises.

Could this be the perfect app for you? You can download Series Addict for Android right now, so don’t hesitate to install the app and tell us if you liked it.

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