Customize the Galaxy S9 Edge Panel

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the greatest smartphone from Samsung at the moment and among many other, Edge Panel on Galaxy S9 is one of the most interesting features that it has to offer. The display looks great with all those brilliant viewing angles and curved edges and there is no secret that Samsung’s team crafted some unique functionalities to its beautiful curved display panel.

Well, ‘Edge panel’ is nothing else than the name given to the side portion of the display from where you have the chance to easily access all your favorite applications, features, as well as contacts.

Samsung’s Edge Panel tool can be turned off, but you can also choose to customize the Edge Panel in order to make it even more useful than it is at the moment. Do you like the idea? You are not the only one saying that.

How to do that? Well, this guide is just what you need. Keep on reading:

Customize the Galaxy S9 Edge Panel:

  1. The Edge Panel can be easily accessed with a swipe in on the translucent handle (for those who don’t know, it starts out on the right edge around the middle);
  2. Now, you should feel free to move the handle by dragging up and down instead of inward;
  3. In order to make other changes, you have to enter into Settings > Display > Edge screen > Edge panels;
  4. From here, you can change the order of the panels and what content they show;
  5. In the end, you should also take a closer look at the App Panel, which includes a selection of Samsung apps. You have to replace those with the apps you use most and want to access quickly.

Do let us know how you like the Edge Panel in your new Samsung flagship phone. And if you have any sort of queries about the procedure here described, you may leave them down in the comments section or contact form.

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