How to Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Windows and Mac

Despite of the fact that the latest versions of both Windows and Mac come with USB drivers included for most devices out there, the truth is that you might still face issues connecting your devices to your computer over USB. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is no exception to that, but this guide on how to Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Windows and Mac will definitely help you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 drivers are proprietary, so each manufacturer has its own unique set. Even more, note that Note 8 comes with a USB-C connector which you would be able to properly utilize once you have these drivers installed. After installation, you will be able to properly transfer files and to also take advantage of software utilities such as ODIN.

Therefore, this guide will help you download and install the correct Galaxy Note 8 drivers on your computer as you can find the download links for Galaxy Note 8 USB drivers for both Windows and Mac below. To install the drivers, all you must do is run the executable file on your computer.

How to Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Windows:

  1. Download Samsung USB drivers for the Galaxy Note 8;
  2. Then, install them on your computer;
  3. Download Samsung Smart Switch and install it on your computer too;
  4. This app also includes the latest modem and MTP drivers needed for your Galaxy Note 8 to connect with the PC. Smart Switch will also help you transfer contacts or files from your previous (or other) phone;
  5. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the computer with the help of the USB-C cable;
  6. You must wait for the computer to recognize the device and install necessary files and drivers;
  7. You will notice several files being installed. Once completed, open My Computer or This PC to find your phone;
  8. Don’t hesitate to double-click on your phone and now you are ready to browse through your Galaxy Note 8 on the Windows PC.

How to Get Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Drivers for Mac:

  1. Download Android File Transfer and install it on your Mac computer;
  2. Then, download Samsung Smart Switch for Mac;
  3. Install it right away;
  4. Connect your Galaxy Note 8 with the computer via a USB-C cable;
  5. Let for the computer recognize the device. Then, Android File Transfer window will automatically open up with your internal phone memory directories and do its job.

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