Learn to Use Instagram Story Questions

People have always been able to reach out to the Instagram users they follow, and receive replies to their comments thanks to the messaging feature found in Instagram Stories. Now, there is though a new questions sticker Instagram that gives you a much funnier way to conduct interviews with your followers, fans, as well as friends.

Unlike poll stickers and emoji slider which practically allow users to vote on questions that you submit, when you add a question sticker to your Instagram story, others users submit questions for you to answer. How cool is that? And there is nothing complicated to worry about; in fact, adding a question sticker to your Instagram story is just like adding any other kind of interactive sticker, but it just involves a few more steps.

Note: verify that you are running the latest version of the Instagram app. The feature appears to have rolled out to all users so it should be available if you’ve got the latest version of the app.

How to Use Instagram Story Questions:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the camera button at the top left;
  2. Take a photo, or select one from your camera roll; you may also record a video, or pick one from the camera roll;
  3. Once you do that, tap the sticker button i.e., the smiley face button. This will open the slider with all the stickers;
  4. There should be a Questions sticker. All you must do is to tap it;
  5. Once you add the sticker, you are free to type your questions;
  6. Then, when someone views your story, they can respond by tapping the sticker and then typing a question to ask you (they can actually submit a question as many times as they want, right from the sticker);
  7. To view the questions people submitted, simply open your story and swipe up.

You can also respond to people’s questions by tapping a question, typing out your response, and sharing it as a new story. And whenever you choose to share someone’s question, their photo and username will not be shown.

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