Galaxy S10 Plus: How to Limit Smartphone Usage via Digital Wellbeing

Is the new Galaxy S10 Plus your choice? Then, you’re about to love it! Along with new hardware features like the ultrasonic under-display fingerprint scanner, the handset came with some interesting software features too. I am now thinking of Samsung’s own version of Digital Wellbeing. Google introduced Digital Wellbeing during the announcement of Android 9 Pie.

This was created to help cure smartphone addiction amongst both teens and adults these days. It might seem a bit ironic since Google now has their own smartphone lineup. Even so, it still wants people to use the phone less. One case or another, Digital Wellbeing is a fantastic approach to help limit smartphone usage. So, I am nothing but glad that Galaxy S10 Plus bundles a Digital Wellbeing module.

Android smartphones these days are more important than ever, so it’s easy to get hooked to them. The Digital Wellbeing module attempts to fix that.

Digital Wellbeing – an interesting addition coming from Samsung

Just as Apple’s Screen Time, Digital Wellbeing lets Galaxy S10 Plus users manage their phone usage. How is this possible? Well, by monitoring app usage time and keeping track of how many times the phone is unlocked and the number of notifications received. There’s even a Wind Down mode included here, which gradually turns the phone to grayscale mode and limits the number of notifications.

However, this is an interesting addition coming from Samsung. Digital Wellbeing is offered out of the box on Samsung’s S10 Plus and I do not complain. The issue is that the company kind of does it in Google’s way. You must clearly find a way to better manage or defeat your bad habits and addictions, but Samsung is the same one including an Instagram mode built into its camera.

So, the company is encouraging its users to engage more on social media, while also offering a tool to help people manage a potential phone addiction. I guess it depends on you and what you decide to choose! Will you ever use Digital Wellbeing or that Instagram mode is far more tempting?

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