AT&T and T-Mobile LG G Flex Release Date Spotted

There were multiple rumors regarding the LG G Flex release to the US, and now, we received another confirmation. According to evleaks’s tweet on Twitter, two high-resolution pictures of the G Flex show an extraordinary device purposed for two of the biggest mobile operators in the States, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

As you can see, the leak refers to two different photos of the D950 model, meaning the AT&T model, and the D595, the T-Mobile model. As far as the each photo is concerned, every one of them is revealed at a different time, and if you choose to take this into consideration when thinking about the releasing of the G Flex, maybe Sprint will launch the phone on 7th of February. In the same time, T-Mobile will launch it on 12th of February and US’s other notable carrier will begin to sell the device on 17th of March.

G Flex released at AT&T and T-Mobile

G Flex released at AT&T and T-Mobile

Besides all these details, within these photos, people are able to see the tattoos of the carriers, as well as the markings for the 4G support for the mobile operators. The LTE support for the AT&T carrier is revealed within the status bar. In the case of the T-Mobile mode, people can also spot the 4G support in the status bar of the device.

LG is held aside from ranking with the LG G2 because of the low resolution (720 x 1280) on a larger 6-inch glass, which works on the 245 ppi. The 1080 x 1920 FHD on the smaller 5.2 LG G2 display works with a 423-ppi pixel density. While the difference between the 729p and 1080p is not that high, the pixel density can be easily spotted.

G Flex is one of the first smartphones that holds an OLED display, unique bended body and a curve from the bottom to the top and high-end specs. In the same time, it is the first device that owns a curved panel that will be released internationally. Regarding the pricing, the unlocked device outside the States will be $1000.

However, neither LG nor the carriers have officially released any confirmation of the rumors, so there is no exact information about the launching or the pricing of the G Flex in the United States. As far as the release is concerned, the most likely is that the companies will make the announcements at the big event CES in Las Vegas in a few days.

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