Samsung Announces Galaxy Gear Integration with BMW i3 Electric Car

This year’s CES event will be a landmark moment with the announcement of the Open Automotive Alliance. However, this will not stop here. Besides the innovations presented by its founding members, Samsung also decided to take a part of the big auto-smart technology stake. In this respect, the Korean Manufacturer and BMW have teamed up, and they plan to showcase their Galaxy Gear, namely Samsung’s smartwatch, connected to the BMW’s i3 electric car.

This alliance is meant to improve the driver experience by offering plenty of new features and options while monitoring the car. As some of you already know, BMW already introduces the i3 as “the world’s first full connected electrically-powered car” which includes a SIM card.


Basically, the idea is quite simple and straightforward. When connecting the car with the Galaxy Gear, drivers or passengers can easily access information about the vehicle such as remaining gas, how many miles can be driven with the available gas if windows and doors are open or closed, locked or unlocked, and plenty other useful data.

In the same time, besides checking different information, users will also be able to send various commands to the car through their smartwatch or through voice commands using the latest Samsung S Voice features. Moreover, as another important feature, users can easily initiate the horn of their cars. This feature is pretty useful when you forget where you have parked your car. Simply, when you make the command, the car will alert you to its location.

If you are the type of smartwatch type of person, you will see that with BMW’s electric car, you can do plenty of amazing things. You can even change the temperature of your car before you put yourself behind the wheel. You can also do the same things using your smartphone, but when the Galaxy Gear is already on your wrist, and if there is no need to unlock it in order to give a command, I am sure that things with the Samsung’s smartwatch will be much easier.

With all these being said, if you are interested in purchasing a smart car along with a smartwatch, find out that Samsung will be revealing the functionality with a BMW i3 electric car, Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear at this year’s CES event. However, the company has not mentioned when we will be seeing the Gear counterpart of the application reach the public, but I am sure that we will find out more after the big technology event.

Source: SanMobile

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