iPhone 6 Specs Rumored, Release Date could be anytime now

For all Apple lovers who wished for a bigger display, the company has a big surprise. It is testing two new iPhones which comes with much larger displays than the previous versions. The two devices will be released in 2014. One of the phones might have a 4.7 inch display and the other, a huge 5.7 inch screen, but be can’t know for sure as these are only rumors. Well, let’s now concentrate on Apple’s release for this year: the iPhone 6 (or 5S), which may be launched any day now (reports state a June or July release). Prices may vary between 199$-399$, from region to region.

Specs wiese, rumors say that the Iphone 5S will get a 12MP camera. Storage options may vary just like in the case of its predecessor, meaning the iPhone 6 could come in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB with no microSD slot support. It is also possible that a 128GB version might be released. The iPhone 5 has a dual-core Apple A6 processor, but a quad-core Apple A7, so we expect an update for the iPhone 6 processor. The device might come with a Retina display and full HD resolution, but we already knew that Apple makes high quality screens.

iPhone 6

iPhone 6

As our source states, Apple is testing the two Iphone models for next year’s release, and with the day of the Iphone 6 launch approaching, we could say that the years 2013 and 2014 will be very good and promising for the company. Rumors even have it that the iPhone 5S will be featuring  the new iOS 7 OS, while the Iphone5 is coming with iOS 6 OS. We can’t wait to find out more specs about this mysterious device, and we are even more eager to hold one in our hands and see for ourselves what it can do.

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