Sense 6 UI Treatment for HTC One (M7) by the End of May

Jason Mackenzie, the President of HTC America, has just revealed that the new Sense 6 UI treatment will reach to HTC One (M7) by the end of May. If we consider that June was the date initially speculated date, we’ll take this as great news, but there is something else that you should be aware of. We are talking about an announcement which is only for those HTC One (M7) models in the United States and Canada. The international version of this handset is not yet included in the list, so you’ll probably have to wait a little longer in this case.

What is the Sense 6 UI Treatment bringing?

This new version of HTC’s own Sense UI that we have here, the HTC Sense 6 one, comes with various new features on board and it also improves the functionality of the user interface. One of these features is the ability to unlock the HTC One (M7) via a swiping gesture while its display is turned off, known as the Motion Launch feature. So, swiping up in portrait mode unlocks the smartphone, while swiping left and right takes you to the homescreen and swiping down activates a voice calling feature.

Moreover, the display of the HTC One (M7) can wake up with a double tap. And don’t forget that a second double tap on the lockscreen would turn the screen back off.

Another major Sense 6 is given by the new on-screen navigation buttons and we are talking about both fullscreen images and videos excluded in this case, not to mention that recent apps can be accessed via a dedicated on-screen button, being all displayed in a 3 x 3 grid of thumbnails. As for the new HTC Sense, it brings power toggles to the notification area which can be easily accessed tapping at its top right corner.

And when it comes to the dedicated Car mode screen, it has been styled to look like the rest of the interface as well, so you won’t be confused about this discrepancy any more.

Sense 6 UI for More HTC Devices

HTC One Mini and One Max are also going to receive this update, that is something that it has been officially confirmed as well. And don’t forget that at the new One M8 launch itself, the company has also confirmed its plans for a Sense 6 update for more of its devices, but without offering us any precise date to take in consideration.

This news is the only concrete thing that we have about this Sense 6 UI treatment, but you don’t have to be worried about that at all. More details are about to be revealed, we can guarantee you that!

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