500 DroidPack Stock Wallpapers for Free

If you are one of those people who consider that the wallpaper of their Android device is an important choice, we have great news for you. No less than 500 DroidPack Stock Wallpapers are waiting for you for free in order to give a strong personal identity to your handset. We know that an wallpaper may seem to be nothing else than a simple decorative element, but we are also sure that you’d want your phones and tablets to be pleasant-looking all the time and not just externally.

So, if you want something special or simply new when you look at the home screen of your handset, that is exactly what you need.

Various stock wallpaper images are waiting for you

Droidpack thought that it is the ideal time to entertain us with some unique designs, so it has gathered various stock wallpaper images directly from different Android devices and ROM’s like Jellybean or KitKat.

You have plenty of options to choose from and you can change your choice whenever you might feel like doing so.

Choose the Stock Wallpaper that you want

We now that this number (500) is impressive, but don’t worry; all the wallpapers are not randomly placed here, but actually arranged according to their category, taking in consideration criteria such as the ROM or the flagship handset, so we are talking about popular mods such a Samsung’s recent Galaxy S5, One M8 or the Xperia Z2. Moreover, if you have already decided that you want a specific kind of wallpaper, you can also search for certain keywords such as “winter”, “nature”, “flowers”, “love” and so on and you’ll see only what you have chosen.

Or you can simply decide to have a random new wallpaper for your Android phone or tablet each day, so that you never get bored by the same image and look !

Stock Images from different OSes

You should also know that this Droidpack has even more surprises for us. We have told you that it offers several wallpaper images from different Android versions, but we can also find some stock images from different OSes, especially iOS7 and iOS8. Their number might be limited, but at least we have the chance to try them out!

So if are ready to give it a try and have a new wallpaper each day, don’t hesitate to go to Google Play Store to download the DroidPack or to take it directly from here. And as we have told you, it is totally free to enjoy!

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