LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have arrived to Google Play Store

Both LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live smartwatches have been made official at this year’s Google I/O developer conference. We can tell you from the start that they are ready to offer us a powerful mobile experience, coming with innovative features and an advanced hardware technology, not to mention that they have just arrived to Google Play Store.

LG G Watch

We have repeatedly heard rumors about LG’s G Watch and it’s great to finally see the device official and to confirm many of those speculations. This model comes with a 1.65-inch IPS LCD touchscreen that has a 280×280 resolution, getting its power from a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset. Moreover, the device sports 4GB of internal storage, as well as 512MB of RAM, also packing a 400 mAh battery.

The G Watch is water and dust resistant, so it can be submerged in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes and nothing bad will happen, not to mention that it comes with 9-axis sensors (gyro / accelerometer / compass).

And if you are curious about its dimensions, you should know that this LG G Watch measures no more than 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.95 mm with a balanced weight of 63 g, easily being personalized with a standard 22mm strap available on the market. Or maybe you’ll simply like its own White Gold or Black Titan color options and you won’t feel the need of making any other change, just like we know that you won’t have any problem with the fact that it is constructed of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coated stainless steel with a rugged silicone wristband.

Samsung Gear Live

When it comes to the other model revealed, none other than Samsung Gear Live, we have noticed from the start Samsung’s signature Super AMOLED display for amazing color accuracy and screen clarity with a maximum 320×320 resolution, not to mention its 1.2 GHz processor coupled with 4GB of storage and its 300 mAh battery.

Just as G Watch, this Gear Live version comes with a standard 22mm band, but users have the chance to change the band according to their personal taste and don’t forget that it also meets IP67, protecting the watch against the effects of dust and water immersion. Samsung’s Gear Live buyers will also have the chance to manage their health and fitness thanks to that built-in heart rate monitor that works with multiple fitness apps.

As for its dimensions, here we have 37.9 x 56.4 x 8.9mm with a total weight of 59g, this Samsung Gear Live device coming in both Black and Wine Red color versions.

The first devices powered by Android Wear

We like what these devices have to offer, but don’t leave aside the fact that LG’s G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live are the first models powered by Android Wear, Google’s most recent operating system which extends the Android platform to wearables.

Android Wear has the ability to show us targeted information and suggestions in real-time, not to mention the wide variety of Android applications compatible with both these models so that we can receive the latest posts and updates from social apps, notifications from news, shopping, photography apps and not only.

And we bet that you’re going to love the intuitive voice commands feature; you just have to say “Ok Google” in order to ask questions like which is the score of the game or to call a taxi, make a restaurant reservation, send a text and so on and you’ll receive immediate help.

So, we totally agree with the fact that “watches powered by Android Wear aim to help people get access to useful information the moment you need it, at a glance”, just as Sundar Pichai, SVP, Android, Chrome & Apps has revealed.

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live: Price and availability

Just as LG’s press release have revealed, LG G Watch has already arrived to the Google Play Store for a price of $229 and with the promise that it will ship by July 3rd. and don’t forget that we are talking about no less than 12 countries including United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, as well as South Korea, while retailers in other 27 countries will begin selling LG’s new device in the upcoming days or weeks as well.

As for Samsung’s Gear Live, it is also available at Google Play Store and you have the chance to buy for $199 and have it in your hands by July 8th.

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