New Android Wear Calendar App for Keeping Track of Important Events

As it has been expected, the Android Wear platform becomes much popular each day with the arrival of the LG G Watch, Samsung Live Gear and even thanks to the upcoming Moto 36. You don’t need us to tell you that one of the most basic needs of wearables is a calendar app that is small enough to fit into the watch, but also big enough so that it can be read with no problems. Can the new Android Wear Calendar App satisfy all these requirements, while also being able to keep track of important events? That is what we are going to find out:

Capabilities of the this New Android Wear Calendar App

We must tell you from the start that this Calendar app for Android Wear is very intuitive as long as it allows its users to take a quick glance at today’s date and events. Just as always, it shows you the date and keeps track of all important events and the best part is that you no longer have to reach in your pocket and dig through your phone when all of the info that you need is right on your wrist.

And although the app doesn’t do much else, we must also mention that it is very attractive. To be more precise, it comes in no less than five different colors that you can choose from: blue, violet, green, red, as well as yellow. And you can also choose which first day of the week you want to start your app calendar.

Is this new Android Wear Calendar App Free?

Well, this app is available for free at Google Play Store (use directly this link), but you should also know that it has a premium version that has a one-time fee of no more than $2 and you’ll definitely find this version much easier to use.

The free version only has a monthly view available, but this premium Calendar app gives you the chance to see the calendar in a daily and detailed format, not to mention that it shows all your events already included in this detailed view.

Our advice is to try the free Calendar App version at first and you can upgrade to the premium one once you’ve installed it. It is only up to you to decide!

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