OnePlus open sales

OnePlus One Available without Invite on every Tuesday

OnePlus surely has had many surprises for us since they released their OnePlus One smartphone and apparently, the company is still trying to impress us with new offers. The OnePlus manufacturer has decided to host OnePlus One sales every Tuesday, no-invitation...


Google Play Apps Infected Over 10 Million Devices

Millions of Android users were infected this week through applications that were downloaded from Google Play. According to the antivirus software firm Avast, the malware code was imbedded in applications with a huge target audience, such as games, IQ tests...

Olympus Air A01

Olympus Air: the new wireless camera lens for your smartphone

The Japanese-based manufacturer, Olympus, has just released its first clip-on wireless camera for smartphones, Air A01. Olympus has entered a market where it must compete with Sony’s QX lens cameras, which can connect to your device through a wireless connection, or by physically...