OnePlus One Available without Invite on every Tuesday

OnePlus surely has had many surprises for us since they released their OnePlus One smartphone and apparently, the company is still trying to impress us with new offers. The OnePlus manufacturer has decided to host OnePlus One sales every Tuesday, no-invitation needed.

Although they sold their first smartphone through an invitation-based system, only occasionally selling the device without one, OnePlus has an overwhelming demand from fans all over the world. So, to make everyone happy, OnePlus One is going to be approachable even for those who don’t have an invitation.

Every Tuesday, OnePlus will open the sales for 24 hours, starting midnight in Los Angeles (12:00 AM PST), 8:00 AM London time and 4:00 PM Hong Kong. The OnePlus One will be available in both variants, of 16GB Silk White and 64GB Sandstone Black.

As OnePlus has stated on their blog, their invitation-only system won’t be closed and in the remaining 6 days of the week, OnePlus One will still be available for purchase only through invitation. Furthermore, you will still receive invitations for the phone to share with your friends, even if you acquire the smartphone on Tuesday.

OnePlus One will also be available for purchase on February 10th at 10AM IST, on without an invite, as the Chinese manufacturer celebrates 10 weeks of success in India and honour the support with an open sale event. This will be a one-time event and the stock is limited.

As you already know, OnePlus is getting ready for their second smartphone release, the OnePlus Two. Either way, this a great improvement for the manufacturer and this is their way of having a more growing fan base. And as they expressed on their blog: “great things should be shared” and that is what OnePlus is trying to do, since they want their product to be available to as many people as possible.

Source: OnePlus

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