Galaxy Note 2 to Receive Lollipop Updates According to Samsung Poland and Samsung Finland

As we all know, when talking about Samsung we think about delayed updates. The company used us to be slow on rolling out new OTAs, so the background image is not quite good in this respect. But, things might get better (in one way or another) as recent info are offering new data about a “soon to come” Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 2.

What’s so strange about this announcement? Well, the Note 2 is out on the market from two years, which makes it an outdated device and not “ready” for further Android updates – since now the Note 2 received Android 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 firmware updates. But, you can’t say that Note 2 isn’t able to properly run Lollipop OS (if devices like Moto E can, than Galaxy Note 2 is surely capable to receive many other Android releases). But of course, cutting down official updates is just another market strategy.

Anyway, if the recent info will turn out to be true, Samsung will however release the new Lollipop OS for its two years old Galaxy Note 2. Of course, that is a great info as now users won’t have to install custom ROMs for being able to receive new features and apps and also for improving their Android experience.

However, even though Samsung Poland and Samsung Finland confirmed that Galaxy Note 2 will receive the Android 5.0 treatment soon, don’t get too excited. The official press release hasn’t been yet made available, so take it all only as a rumor. Who know what might happen, as it will not be a real surprise to see how the same Lollipop announcement is being retracted by Samsung Poland and Samsung Finland since up until now Lollipop isn’t a certain thing even for the Galaxy Note 3.

Anyway, that’s all for now. So, fingers crossed and let’s hope to see an Android 5.0 OTA update released pretty soon for your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

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