Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leaked Images

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be launched on September 3 at the IFA Berlin as Samsung usually does with all Note Phablets. But until then, we have some goodies which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. GSM Arena posted three leaked images of the future Galaxy Note 4, which they received from an anonymous user ( thanks for sharing ) and we have the opportunity to take a look on how the Phablet will be like.

The first impression is that the front of Note 4 is exactly the same as the previous Note Phablet, with little to no improvements at all, speaking from the design point of view, with the same large menu button at the bottom of the screen and the Samsung name printed on the upper side between the screen and the speaker.

On the other hand, the back of Galaxy Note 4 is completely changed, with no resemblance with the old Note 3, showing leather like texture cover. This improvement breaks the old plastic rear cover habit which gave a cheap feeling to the Phablet.

Metal frame, leather back cover, 100% Waterproof

The S-Pen is placed in the lower right side of the edge while the microUSB 3.0 is in the middle. Another design improvement of Galaxy Note 4 is the flash light which is not placed under the camera, but instead, Samsung decided to move it on the same line with the camera, on its left, making it look more like independent from each other rather than the old 2 in one feeling it gave. Under the LED Flash and the rear camera, there is a metal like Samsung logo, and the camera’s edges are also made of the same materials.

As for the edge, it has a metal looking like color, but we can’t tell for sure if Samsung decided to use a more stable and rigid frame or they went on with the shiny grey plastic which only looks like metal. If you look closely to the front picture of Galaxy Note 4 you can see that the edge is looking like metal, so they might use a solid edge after all, but this is just information we can extract from a picture, with no confirmed information. The Volume up – Volume down buttons are on the left side and the Sleep button in on the right side. Between the microUSB 3.0 slot and the S-Pen slot is the speaker and as a last detail, the front facing camera is placed in the upper right side of the Phablet.

We have some information that Galaxy Note 4 is going to be 100% waterproof, despite all the rumors which pointed out that Samsung might give up on that idea. Waterproof is no longer an option, and for high end devices, this feature must be included without any doubt, and Samsung improved Note model so that it can fulfill customers expectations.

5.7″ QHD Display with 2,560 x 1,440 pixel 

It is expected to see a 5.7″ display for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but from this pictures we can’t tell for sure if the size is in fact 5.7″ ( previous rumors claimed that Note 4 resolution will be capable of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels QHD )

The retail box is showing the front face of the Galaxy Note 4 which looks like the same Note 4 presented in the leaked images. This is one more clue that what we’re looking at is in fact the next Galaxy Note 4.

Tell us your opinion about Galaxy Note 4 design. Would you buy it, are you happy with the way things are going, or you’re disappointed for the little improvements Samsung done on Note 4?



Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Images ( Front – Back – Retail Box )