Google Sends Invites for September 15 Special Event; Android One might be Introduced then

Google has sent invitations for a special event in India on September 15 and we must admit that we are more than curious to see if rumors are indeed real. It is true that the invite itself only says “More details closer to the date!”, but we have reasons to believe that Android One smartphones will make their debut at precisely this event.

Over the past two months (and maybe even sooner than that), we have constantly heard speculations that the first Android One devices might be launched sometime in September and they have always been fueled by Google, so what else could we imagine? For those of you who don’t remember, here we have a short recap of Android One and what we are expecting to get.

Android One smartphones will have Affordable Prices

So, Android One was announced back in June at Google I/O with India’s Karbonn, Micromax, as well as Spice as initial launch partners, but now it seems that the list has drastically changed and it includes much more Indian companies. Android One smartphones are expected to have affordable price tags and to offer us near-stock Android software experiences.

In fact, Sundar Pichai, the head of Android, has even unveiled some of the specs and features of a such a Micromax-made Android One handset at Google I/O and we have been surprised to discover such a “high-quality low-cost” smartphone for emerging markets.

Micromax-made Android One handset

To be more precise, this model that we are talking about has a 4.5-inch display, as well as dual-SIM support, an SD card slot and even an FM radio, all for no more than $100 or even less than that. And let’s not leave aside that the device runs stock Google Android and it is expected to get automatic updates, so the price that we have told you about gets even more surprising than it was at first.

Sundar Pichai has also revealed that that the Mountain View-based company will not subside Android One hardware; he only hopes that by sharing resources between Google and the OEMs, the companies would have the chance to change the cost of manufacturing, so the final prices will be more appealing than ever.

So, Google might surprise us with something even more affordable than Micromax-made Android One handset (if something like that could even be possible), not to mention that we have reasons to believe that Pichai will make an appearance at the September 15 event.

Don’t worry; we’ll keep an eye on things and inform you about all the changes that are waiting for us!