Galaxy S Duos 3 Launched in India for Rs. 7,999

Have you been patiently waiting for a successor to the popular Galaxy S Duos 2 in India? This is exactly what you are going to receive as long as we have been informed that Samsung has prepared us a new Galaxy S Duos 3 that has already been launched in India Rs. 7,999. It is true that we had no special event for this occasion, but one thing is for sure.

Just as retailer Mahesh Telecom tweeted that the unannounced Galaxy S Duos 3 (G313HU) is finally ‘in stock’ for the price that we have already told you about, things are for real, so all potential buyers don’t have to wait any longer. Even more, the retailer also posted specifications along with some interesting pictures of the box packaging.

As for the included specs, we also have more details about this new Galaxy S Duos 3 model.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S Duos 3 Specs and Features

Samsung’s latest device launched in India is a modest one, but not disappointing. We are talking about a 4-inch WVGA TFT display that has a resolution of 480×800 pixels, while the power comes from a 1GHz dual-core processor model. The 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash could have been better, but that is all that we are getting for now, just as we have to accept that Galaxy S Duos 3 comes with a 1500mAh battery and nothing more than that.

If you are curious about the OS version, it seems that the Android version was not listed by the retailer, but be sure that we’ll find more details in the near future, not to mention that the handset will come with support for no less than 14 Indian languages (as one of the leaked retail box pictures reveals).

More about Mahesh Telecom

Are you worried that this Mahesh Telecom retailer is wrong? Nothing is known for sure, but here’s what we can tell you: the Mumbai-based retailer in the past has leaked details of Samsung devices ahead of their official launch and we have examples such as Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo and the Samsung Galaxy Core 2, not to mention that the retailer had also revealed the price of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 ahead of its official release. Don’t you think that this means something?

So far, no announcement regarding the smartphone has been made by Samsung India, but we’ll keep you updated.