Verizon SIM Works on T-Mobile Google Nexus 6 by Default

Usually Google is releasing its new Nexus devices through Google Play as unlocked and SIM free handsets. That means you can buy a new smartphone and use it with any SIM card you want. Well, that’s not the same with the new Google Nexus 6, which has been released through various US carriers. So, are you still able to switch SIM cards on your Nexus 6 if you bought a carrier branded device?

Well, it appears that you can as McKay Nehring tested a Verizon SIM on a new T-Mobile branded Google Nexus 6. Moreover, it seems that the same operation works on any model of your Nexus 6 which means that you can use your phone with any SIM you want, despite the carrier from where you have bought it.

That’s a great thing as usually, for SIM unlocking an Android device, you have to complete complex and risky operations that implies in gaining root access, unlocking bootloader and installing new MODs. But, that’s not the case with your new Google device, which can be easily customizable.

You can test this capability by yourself with no risks. Just take your T-Mobile Nexus 6 (or any other carrier branded smartphone) and replace its default SIM card with a Verizon one. Wait a few moments until the new SIM is recognized and voila – the SIM switch capability right on your own Google Nexus 6. This operation is risk free as if it isn’t working you will only get an alert message saying that your smartphone is a carrier branded one. So, bottom line, you can’t brick or damage your phone while replacing SIM cards.

So, are you ready to test your T-Mobile Google Nexus 6 on Verizon? Do switch any SIMs you want and see the results. In the end, return here and share your results with us and with other users who might be interested in this topic (it would be great to buy a new smartphone from one carrier and to use it on another one).