Valentine’s Day embraced by Motorola: Check the Offers

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we already look for that special gift that could make our loved one smile. And why not give them something that is useful, durable and fun in the same time? Forget the chocolate you enjoy only as much as for a few minutes, forget the flowers that wither, because Motorola offers you the sweetest deal for Valentine’s Day on your purchase at And is not chocolate.

Motorola announced on 27 January a new promotion for you to enjoy for Valentine’s Day, with more memorable gifts. Their new promotion #motolove will start Monday, February 2 at 11am CT and Motorola is offering a promo code worth up to $140 off your purchase, depending on how much you spend.

For those who want to take advantage of this offer, you’ll need to register on Monday February 2, from 11am – 11.59pm CT and you’ll receive the code worth $140 off your purchase of $499.99 or a code worth $50 off of any purchase of $249.99. Once you receive this promo code, you’ll have until February 14th at 10:59pm CT to use it, otherwise it will expire.

Also, there are only a total of 200.000 promo codes that are going to be distributed because of the limited stock of the Motorola shop. The registration process and the code is a process to save up a purchaser’s “spot”, which means you don’t have to place your order immediately and it gives you a fair chance at discount.

To use the promo code you’ll receive via email, you’ll have to enter it in the Enter Promo Code box in your shopping cart, before you check out. You’ll be able to use the code only once, so make sure you added all the products you want before continuing with the check out.

If it happens for you to miss out the registration on February 2nd, you’ll still be able to enjoy another sweet deal. You can get $100 off if you spend $499.99 on, or $35 off if your entire purchase is of $249.99, without a promotion code.

But of course, like with any other good deal, there is a catch, or more like three. First, no matter what offer you use, you must have a US shipping address. If you are outside of US and your shipping address doesn’t correspond with US, your order will not go through. Secondly, the offer excludes devices as the Nexus 6 and the Moto X 2nd Gen. on Republic Wireless, also the Extended Service Plan. Thirdly, for you to benefit of the actual promotion, you’ll have to limit at two devices among Moto X (2nd Gen.), Moto G (2nd Gen.), Moto G 4G LTE (1st Gen.), Moto E and Moto 360. However, you can pick up accessories for any of these smartphones, since they are included in the promotion as long as the accessories are for the devices allowed to buy with the #motolove promotion.

For more details and questions, you can go over

So how’s this for a sweet treat to enjoy with your partner for Valentine’s Day?

If you are a Motorola user or your partner is, this surely will make both of you smile. Just don’t forget you need to be a US resident in order to benefit of this promotion.

Now, spread the #motolove and have fun purchasing.