Samsung “What’s Next” Unpack Event Set For March 1st

We’ve seen the HTC’s invitation for their event “Utopia in Progress” and now it’s time for Samsung to invite us to their own unpacked event, “What’s next”. The event will be held on the same day as the “Utopia in Progress”, on March 1st at 6:30PM CET, right before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Also, Samsung teases us with a curved line on their invitation, this only making the Android users become impatient on what Samsung has to reveal during their unpacked event. The curved design might be a side profile of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Edge that is possible to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress. Even if the curved line doesn’t reveal too much, it does reminds us of Samsung Galaxy Note Edge. And, although Samsung hasn’t given up to much on the Galaxy S6 Android, there were a lot of rumors about Samsung releasing two flavors of the flagship, one with a metal case and the second one with a curved display design on both sides, similar to the Galaxy Note Edge display.

What else we can expect from Samsung at the “What’s next” event, is a new smartwatch with a round screen, similar to the Moto 360. It is not known if the smartwatch will be running the Tizen OS or the Android Wear, which is also available on the Moto 360 and which Samsung used on their Gear Live watch. The Gear Watch might come with a camera, heart rate sensor and an IR Blaster, which is still a rare thing among smart devices.

Furthermore, there are new informations on the price tag the new Samsung Galaxy will have. The price also reveals that it will come as three versions: of 32GB at 749 euros, 64GB at 849 euros and 128GB at 949 euros. The Samsung Galaxy Edge model, might be available as one of the top smartphones with a price up to 1049 euros for the 128GB version.

Although there is still a month until the MWC event, book up the March 1st for the “What’s next” event, since is also going to be live streamed on Youtube on Samsung’s official channel. So make sure to bookmark the page if you are interested in watching this event.

Don’t forget, March 1st, at 6:30PM CET.

Streaming: Youtube