How to Disable Pedometer from Galaxy S6 Edge S Health

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Companies like Samsung are an active part of the health and fitness tracking world and its S Health feature is the best example of that. Over the years, we have assisted to improvements after improvements and we have no exception to that with the company’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge handset. This model also has a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz, so we have the chance to enjoy a even more refined version of that same S Health suite that we’ve come to love.

S Health can now track your heart rate, your blood oxygen saturation, the calories consumed and burned, not to mention that the interface looks just like a stock Android design. The app also features multiple pages of different categories such as health recommendations. And if you choose to and scroll down the page you will find little boxes for various different health related functions like measuring your calories burned or measuring your heart rate.

However, do you know that your Galaxy S6 Edge has a pedometer that is part of this S Health? What the pedometer app on S health does is offering help when it comes to tracking and reaching your goal of daily steps walked. This pedometer practically uses a motion sensor that is integrated in the smartphone in order to count the steps without great energy consumption, but we are aware of the fact that many of you might not be interested on this function, but what to save the battery life of their handset. In such a case, we’ll explain how to disable the S health pedometer on your Galaxy S6 Edge with the help of these step by step guides.

You can choose not to see the step counter will displayed on the lock screen any longer or to disable it completely and conserve the battery, so choose one of these two detailed guides:

How to disable Galaxy S6 Edge pedometer on lock screen:

  1. For the start, you must turn on your Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone;
  2. Then, don’t hesitate to go to Menu;
  3. Select Settings;
  4. Select Lock Screen;
  5. Now, you must tap on Additional Information
  6. Uncheck the Pedometer box.

Starting to now, be sure that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge step counter will not be displayed on the lock screen.

How to completely Disable Pedometer on Galaxy S6 Edge Smartphone:

  1. Turn on your Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone;
  2. Go to the S Health Fitness App;
  3. Select on the three horizontal bars to display a navigation bar on the left;
  4. It’s time to tap on Pedometer;
  5. Below the current traveled distance select on the Pause button.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge pedometer will stop counting your steps, just as you have wanted from the start!

Enjoy the changes and let us know if you need our help. And don’t forget that even if you are not the owner of this device, you still can enjoy this app, so read: How to Port Galaxy S6 S-Health App to your Galaxy S5 or Note 4 from here.

And if you use LG’s G3, then find out How to Use LG Health App on your device with the help of this guide.

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