How to Change HTC One M9 Lock Screen Wallpaper

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The HTC One M9 might be one of the best Android devices from the current market, but you don’t even know how easy is to miss out on some of the key features that would make your experience of using it even better.

And if you also decide to make a few changes, then the result will simply be perfect. Such a small change that could make a huge difference is selecting the ideal Lock screen Wallpaper on your HTC One M9!

Like the HTC One M8, the process is similar to change the HTC One M9 wallpaper and here you can find all the necessary steps for such a procedure. Choose any of these two methods as the result will be the same:

How to Change HTC One M9 Lock screen Wallpaper (method 1):

  1. All you need to do is press and hold an empty space on the Home screen;
  2. This will bring up the edit mode where you have the possibility to add widgets, change homescreen settings or to change the wallpaper;
  3. Select Wallpaper;
  4. After that, you have to choose Lock screen;
  5. In the pop-up menu, tap Use home screen wallpaper;
  6. Keep in mind that, by default, your HTC One M9 smartphone has a variety of wallpaper options to choose from, but if none of them is what you are looking for, then feel free to select “more images” and take one of the from any image that you have taken on your HTC One M9. Choose between:
  • Tap Use custom wallpaper to select a photo from Gallery;
  • Tap Themes to use a wallpaper found in the Theme gallery;
  • Tap Photos if you want to choose a wallpaper from those photos that are currently stored in Google Photos app;

7.   Once you’ve found the image you want, don’t forget to press the Set Wallpaper button.

How to Change HTC One M9 Lock screen Wallpaper (method 2):

  1. For the start, you have to enter into Settings;
  2. Then, choose Personalize;
  3. Tap the Change wallpaper option found below lock screen;
  4. Tap any of the following options: tap Use home screen wallpaper or select one of the options from above;
  5. At the end, you must simply hit the Set Wallpaper button.

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