Warning: Android OS Reported Over 718,000 Malware Apps In 2013

Android OS has reported an increased number of malware bugs, and until now, they have listed over 200,000 such new malware. In the first part of the year 2013, there was a number of 509,000 found and now this got to 718,000. This is an increase of almost 40% compared to the beginning of 2013. These are coming to meet the users dressed in the clothes of popular apps, a fake version of it and stealing their personal information, passwords or even damaging the smartphone or tablet’s camera. It is thought by the security experts that Android has problems with the bug fixes reaching the users in time. They call it as a “fractured nature of the Android network” which prevent users to be covered from hacker attacks.
According to our source which quote The Telegraph, it has been reported a percentage of 44 apps subscribers who are going for some service and they don’t have idea that are doing that. This is a short way for the profits to be redirected to the malware “producers”. But this is not the only way for them. The other 24 percent of Android malware is from the data stealing apps, which are also very popular and affect so many users.

Android Malware Report

Android Malware Report71

You would probably expect USA and UK to be in the top when it comes to downloaded Malware apps, but they have missed the top because most of them are using anti malware / anti spyware or antivirus softwares on their Android smartphones or tablets. On the other hand, the most affected countries which really download lots of malware on their devices are Saudi Arabia, Burma, Vietnam, Mexico and not least Russia. This is a big issue at Macro level which can be solved very easy if users pay more attention on apps they download and also if they would secure their beloved device with some sort of protective software like antivirus, anti-spyware or anti-malware. Some of them ar free but be extra caution as not all ” free apps” are free of viruses or malware.