LG Vu 3 leaks with decent specs

If it’s the first time you’re hearing about the LG VU handset, we should start by telling you that it was first released in 2012. Verizon’s variant was later called the LG Intuition. Its aspect was pretty strange, as it wanted to be a tablet, but had a 4:3 aspect ratio, when standard tablets are 16:9. Later on, the LG Optimus VU 2 arrived, featuring a dual-core S4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. However, none of the devices knew success outside Korea. But the company wants to go even further with this tablet, an upcoming VU 3 model being heard about around the internet.

Although LG hasn’t confirmed the new device yet, rumors already appeared regarding the specs and announcement date. It seems like the Vu 3 will be unveiled at this year’s IFA. Specs include a 5.2-inch 1280×960 resolution display using the familiar 4:3 aspect ratio of previous generations, a powerful Snapdragon 800 processor, a 13MP camera, and support for LTE-Advanced networks, as our source states. Not bad. So why didn’t it have success in other regions? Hopefully, this new model will reach the rest of the countries, at least in limited edition. Although the specs are written in Korean in the following image, it’s proof of the existence of the device.

Vu III Specs

Vu 3 Specs

Not much to say here yet, as no other specs, nor the price tag or release date have been announced. But we’re expecting LG to come out on the market with a quality tablet and, perhaps, make it available world-wide. We’ll let you know what else we find out about this.