Set Multiple Pictures on Your Lock Screen as Slideshow by using a Native Samsung App

One of the most impressive things about Google and Android is that it is fully customisable. Unlike Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone, this operating system is open to developers, so that each manufacturer can put their own touch on the software. As you already know, as a Samsung Galaxy owner, TouchWiz is Samsung’s own skin for Android.

It has many useful new features, it’s fresh and colorful, as well as full of surprises. For example, I bet that there is something that you don’t know about the lock screen wallpaper.

All Galaxy devices—including the popular Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge), along with the most recent Note 5 and Edge Plus— give you the possibility to choose a group of images that will be displayed on your lock screen in a an interesting slideshow?

This practically means that your precious smartphone can display a different lock screen wallpaper each hour of the day. And be sure that I will show you how to use the feature with the help of this detailed guide:

Set Multiple Pictures as Your Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen:

  1. For the start, you have to open Wallpaper Settings;
  2. Then, you must choose the “Wallpaper” entry;
  3. From here, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen in order to select “Lock screen;
  4. Up next, press the “From Gallery” button in the bottom-left corner;
  5. Do you see a photo-picker interface? Look closer and there you’ll notice a small check box on the top-left corner of each thumbnail;
  6. Tick this check box for each image that you’d like to use in your lock screen wallpaper slideshow;
  7. After that, tap the “Done” button in the top-right corner;
  8. Do not hesitate to size your wallpaper to fit by panning and zooming as necessary;
  9. When you’re done here, tap the “Set As Wallpaper” button at the bottom of the screen to save your changes permanent;
  10. Starting to this moment, be sure of the fact that your phone will display a new lock screen wallpaper each hour of the day.

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    I tried it but it doesn’t work for me, beacsue I tried it on a Samsung Galaxy j2, can it be done on a j2