Top 5 Ideal Weather Apps for Android

You never know when Mother Nature will be in a bad mood, so be prepared for anything. My guess is that you don’t always have the time to catch the local news for the forecast every night, but be sure that there is a solution for you too.

Fortunately, there are quite a few apps to keep you on top of the local forecast when we need it the most.

In fact, Google Play is full of such apps, so we are back at the same question: what to choose? Well, it depends on what you are looking for, but I bet that you are thinking of accurate info, how the apps present their information and many of you also want their ideal weather app to be visually pleasing and easy to use.

It is not an easy task you are asking me, but once again, I’ve got you covered. Al you have to do is to check out this list of the best Android weather apps and I am sure that you will find the one for you too.

Top 5 Ideal Weather Apps:

5. Android Weather 360 App

The fifth place in our top goes to Android Weather 360 App which is one of the most beautiful and reliable choices. The app itself takes Material Design to a new level with various themes built-in to the app, a way to customize everything including how you get the weather and much, much more.

As for reliability, Weather 360 has weather info from Wunderground,, as well as World Weather Online, not to mention all its settings to make the weather info relatable to your needs. The app is powerful, easy to use, and it looks great, so you have no excuse for not wanting to find out more about it or How to Use Android Weather 360 App on your own Android device.

Android Weather 360 App

Android Weather 360 App


Don’t you tell me that you have never heard of MORECAST, the ideal app if you want something simple, yet efficient. Once you tap the app, at the top, you’re greeted with the current weather and if you scroll down and you’ll see a more detailed view of the day’s weather.



Another swipe will reveal what’s happening tomorrow; if you go down again, you’re presented with a simple seven-day view. This streamlined UI is good for beginners and experienced weather app users as well as it provides access to all of the information you could need in such a simple manner.

Take it from here right away.

3. Accuweather

Accuweather is another great option offered by the company of the same name. I must admit that I have been surprised by its MinuteCast feature. It predicts when precipitation will start in your exact GPS location all the way down to the exact minute.



And if you are worried about severe weather conditions, let me tell you that the app has thought about that too thanks to its GPS location-based push notifications. And don’t you imagine that you cannot enjoy forecasts for other cities too or that this is all that Accuweather has to offer.

Just give it a try (use this link) and you’ll love it too!

2. Google Now

Google Now has changed a lot of things and weather is one of them. The app will send you periodic weather updates, weather alerts, and you can even ask for the weather and you will get accurate info. Opening Google Now almost always puts the weather right on top so you can see it at a glance.

Google Now

Google Now

However, this is not a dedicated weather app which means that there are no extra features to enjoy, but it become so popular as long as this is what many Android users want. And they already use Google Now, so what can it be easier than that?

This is once again one of most accurate choices, giving users reliable information, so take it from here.

1. 1Weather

1Weather has been around for a long time and it’s still the best option that you can find out there. The app comes with various standard features like your daily and hourly forecast along with access to additional information, not to mention the daydream support, DashClock support, Android Wear support and its availability in no less than 25 different languages.



And the list can continue. In fact, the app is full of small details and amazing features and these are the ones that make the difference, so don’t hesitate to Install 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar on your Android Device as well.