Use Android Endomondo to Improve your Fitness Habits

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I’ve already covered some of the best Health & Fitness Apps for Android, but here I invite you to find out more about another interesting workout app that can be enjoyed on your Android device.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a serious exercise passionate, but I am sure that Endomondo has something for you as well. Even more, with the help of this simple app, you don’t need a personal trainer or a gym membership anymore and you don’t have to purchase a wrist-worn fitness band as long as the Android smartphone that you already have in your pocket is more than enough.

This app that I am telling you about lets you start the journey by taking a fitness test in order to discover your real fitness level. According to the result and your favorite forms of exercise, the app makes a suggested plan.
Then, with the help of your phone’s built-in sensors and the GPS, Endomondo collects data and tracks all your fitness activities from walking to running.

And that’s not all. Personal trainers can be expensive, but their role is crucial in helping us meet our fitness goals. Why am I telling you that? With this app you even get your own app’s virtual trainer known as Endo which takes its role into serious. In the middle of a workout, Endo appears and tells you if you’re about to set a personal record, if you are trying too much or if you should try a different exercise at that moment. I have told you that you are not alone into this, right?

In addition to monitoring your activity and putting you on the right track, don’t forget that there is also a community aspect to the app where you can challenge friends to different activities and cheer them along as you follow their progress. Fitness tracking apps don’t usually put you on the podium or give you any prizes, but having support from others and being appreciated for your results is definitely the best way to live a healthier life and to make some serious changes.

Endomondo can be taken from here.

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